Our Mission

Accumulatori fotovoltaici sistemi di accumulo

GE FARM is the idea of an innovative start-up that was conceived from the initiative of a management and engineers with consolidated experience in the field of renewable energy and technical design, with the aim of proposing and establishing itself in a market characterised by a high technological content.

Portando avanti il sogno di un mondo sempre più verde in cui l’energia possa essere disponibile, sicura e alla portata di tutti, il nostro progetto ci vede coinvolti nello sviluppo di nuovi sistemi di accumulo di energia basati sulle tecnologie innovative delle batterie a nichel/ferro e sodio/nichel prodotte rispettivamente dal nostro Partner svedese NILAR e dalla svizzera FZSoNick, destinato al mercato residenziale commerciale ed industriale.

Starting from the technologies acquired from the Swedish and Swiss companies, we are developing a product that is as unique and innovative as possible, focusing on cost reduction and a longer battery life cycle, investing in the use of renewable, safe and easily available organic materials.

Very high energy efficiency and high technological content

Propensity to innovation

Respect for the environment

Energy savings

The company’s growth objective is a close function of the commitment made by partners, management and collaborators in the constant and continuous comparison with the market to meet the demand for innovation and efficiency with the utmost seriousness and professional capacity and propose the best possible solutions, so as to offer GE FARM as an ideal partner for professionals in the sector. GE FARM come partner ideale per i professionisti del settore.

As a natural consequence of the sector in which the GE FARM project was conceived and developed, our company proposes a “full cycle service”, starting from the pre-sales service with the analysis of needs, the preventive feasibility study and design assistance, to continue with the installation assistance service, with plant commissioning and finishing with a scheduled continuous maintenance service and the 24/7 emergency service throughout the territory, the latter also managed with the help of specific remote control systems.