EMC monitoring system

domotica building automation
EMC allows you to show the user, through multimedia channels such as the cloud platform, energy consumption in real time as well as consumption statistics on a daily, monthly and annual basis. In addition, through the platform, the user will be able to monitor the operating status of the devices such as the regulation temperatures of the systems, thus deciding the switching on, switching off and the weekly, monthly, annual programming of the systems remotely.
domotica building automation


EMC is an effective and innovative monitoring system that allows the user to interact with their loads by managing them in the best possible way: wired and with the ZW protocol.

If the user has a photovoltaic system (prosumer), EMC is also able to monitor the power generated by the photovoltaic system (regardless of the type and brand of inverter used) and, in this case, the user will be able to finalize the management of its loads to maximize self-consumption.

Automatic and intelligent start-up of devices from residential to industrial such as air conditioners, split systems, household appliances, circulation pumps, AHU, boilers, refrigeration units, the latter with control and integration of predictive systems and anything else at the service of buildings.
Intelligent management of photovoltaic storage batteries and production of renewable sources.
Function for the future management of energy operators, through connection to the electronic meter.
Temperature monitoring for single rooms or other.
Monitoring of consumption, production and daily, weekly, monthly, annual and total savings.
Control and management of ZWAVE sockets, both manual and automatic.
Automatic night-time switching off appliances in stand-by.
Overload warning with automatic shutdown of connected components.