The electric car charging station that recharges with the excess energy produced by your solar system

Ge Farm offers an intelligent charging system for electric vehicles in domestic environments or charging columns for condominiums and companies.

Caricar is the perfect solution, because it allows you to use the excess energy produced by the photovoltaic system to recharge the electric vehicle. When and how it’s needed. It also ensures fast, safe and reliable charging; all in compliance with international safety standards.

Accessible from smartphones and computers

All the information on your Caricar electric car charging station is available in the dedicated APP or through your computer.

Works with all electric and plug-in hybrid cars

Caricar is the universal electric car charging station, it works with all cars with a Type2 connector, which is practically the standard in Europe.

Caricar is safe

Caricar is IP65, protected from rain and flooding, and has the CE mark certification according to the IEC61851-1 standards.