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Your energy

respect for the environment,
energy savings

About us - A new energy for your well-being
About us A new energy for your well-being

Storage systems
for tomorrow's energy

GE FARM is the idea of an innovative start-up that was conceived from the initiative of a management and engineers with consolidated experience in the field of renewable energy and technical design, with the aim of proposing and establishing itself in a market characterised by a high technological content.

The strong propensity for innovation, respect for the environment and energy saving is found in the products proposed, all characterised by the common denominators of very high energy efficiency and high technological content.

Our solutions

Maximum safety and sustainability for your well-being

A team of managers and engineers with consolidated experience in the Renewable Energy sector

We will be at the forefront of storage system technology, a sector that will experience significant growth in the coming years, to provide innovative and clean solutions for tomorrow’s energy.

The energy transition

Rapidly growing energy storage market

Accumulatori fotovoltaici sistemi di accumulo


All the news concerning our systems for the respect of the environment and energy savings

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Products and Applications

Storage, building automation and motor vehicle systems

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The GE FARM app allows you to check your home or office energy production and consumption in real-time.

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